Both Teams And Large Sections Of Crowd Attack Referee As Anarchy Breaks Out In Tajikistan Premier League Game (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, November 2012


By Chris Wright

Horrendous scenes from the Tajikistan Premier League game between Istaravshan FK and Energetik Dushanbe, where a group of Energetik players swarm around the referee, incensed by a decision to award the home side a dubious goal.

The referee then sent off two of the most boisterous Energetik players, a decision which quickly saw him on the shitty end of a vicious beating, with players from both sides clustering around the isolated official to give the poor sod a thrashing, before a fairly large majority of the crowd tear-arsed onto the pitch and followed suit – kicking lumps out of each other until the game was abandoned…

Thanks to Pies fan @MeaseJJ for the tip-off.