Argentinian Apertura Match Abandoned After Keeper Has Eardrums Blown In By Firecracker (Video)

Chris Wright

16th, November 2012

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By Chris Wright

The Argentinian Apertura game between Independiente and Belgrano on Wednesday night had to be abandoned when Belgrano keeper Juan Olave was pelted with a firecracker by the home fans behind the goal which exploded mere metres from his feet as the second half was about to commence…

With Olave keeled over and holding his gloved hand over his knackered eardrum, a second firecracker was chucked at him from the stands – though thankfully his teammates were able to escort him out of harm’s way.

Referee Saul Laverni then told both teams that he felt it was ”impossible to continue” the game without the threat of further injuries and chalked the whole thing off.

It’s hard to blame him, no?

(Video: 101GG)