Referee And Linesman Beaten Senseless, Have Teeth Knocked Out For Daring To Stop Violent Chilean Match (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, January 2013


By Chris Wright

Ill discipline and wild violence in a South American football match? Surely not!

As unlikely as it may seem, there were some truly terrible scenes during the regional Chilean amateur game between Baquedano and Pablo Lizama, with the game being stopped by the referee after issuing several warnings over a series of pitch-invasions and brutal fouling from both sides.

However, that’s when the ruckus really kicked off – quite literally too. Having wound up the game and postponed the fixture, the Pablo Lizama rounded on the officials, with one player decking the referee with a vicious leaping kick to the ribs (seen at 1:22) before people swarmed around and took pot shots at the poor grounded so-and-so…

The referee was beaten to within an inch of his senses, seen clearly to be barely conscious at the end of the report, while the linesman who was being harassed on the touchline lost most of his teeth after being kicked and punched in the face.

Former Baquenado coach Jorrit Smink, told local media after the game:

“Unfortunately, football has too many players like this. In Holland, an assistant referee was murdered by some young players.

“The surprising thing is that the only people who work at FIFA are mafia types and complete idiots. That works from the top down.”

Tough to argue with that.


(Video: 101GG)

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  1. Christian says:

    So sad …

  2. tim says:

    Can’t help that Smink’s trying to deflect the blame a bit there…the dutch linesman who died was as a result of an attack by FOUR YOUTH PLAYERS..the fact is here these are adults, who do far worse than punch the linesman and it looked like players from both sides were involved, far more than 4 of them as well! You can’t equate the actions of four members of a dutch youth team to attacks by fully grown men on multiple officials…the club has to take more responsibility for the attitudes of their players.. The dutch players were unlucky in that the linesman died, from the evidence here if one of the Chilean officials had any sort of medical problem/weakness/bad luck then they could have died as well! Just because some members of a youth team on another continent may have done something similar, this shouldnt be used as justification for anything else!

  3. Elio says:

    Well, I expect nothing less with role models like Pepe and Sergio Ramos to show youth the way. And a moron like Mourinho to pave it.

  4. Allan says:

    I don’t think that was the message Smink was trying to get across there mate

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Dutch (Arab) players were not unlucky that the linesman died, they deliberately set out to assault him, death was always a high possibility.

  6. Jarren says:

    Way to go, that’ll encourage more guys to take up refereeing.


  7. tim says:

    What and the players here aren’t deliberately setting out to assault them?! Allan yeah i take your point he was more trying to make a point about FIFA, but in blaming FIFA he was taking blame away from the players and i dont think that’s really fair..

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