Rogue Pine Marten Invades Swiss Super League Game, Bites Player’s Finger (Video)

Chris Wright

11th, March 2013


By Chris Wright

Here’s one for all the “You Are the Ref!” buffs out there.

A rogue pine marten invades the pitch during a Swiss Super League game between FC Thun and FC Zurich a proceeds to wreak havoc by charging around all over the place like the crazy fancy weasel it is.

Do you: A) Stand and watch while Zurich defender Loris Benito goes all “vigilante animal handler” on the l’il critter, or B) Well, there is no “B”…

According to the Reuters match report, the pine marten “slipped away but was eventually caught by goalkeeper David Da Costa who handed it to stewards.”

Benito, who had to have the bite wound on his finger disinfected immediately, told a post-match interview:

In hindsight, I was probably a little foolish [to dive on the pine marten].

You don’t know what sort of disease it might be carrying. It was painful.

Let that be a lesson to you all.

(Via Guardian/Thanks to Pies fan Mosser for the nudge!)