Michael Owen Demonstrates His Spine-Tingling Commentary Prowess With Helicopter Tour Of Dubai (Video)

By Chris Wright

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured this video on Pies, but we reckon that it just might be the showreel that landed Michael Owen the gig as lead co-commentator for BT Sports next season?

Watch and listen as Little Micky takes us on a helicopter tour of Dubai, complete with breathtakingly enthralling commentary…

(WARNING: If, by some miracle, you manage to sit through all ten minutes of this lumpen, stodgy turd then you run the severe risk of suffering a self-induced boredom seizure. Pies advise you watch no more than a minute at a time – believe us, you’ll get the jist!)

The “Mall of The Emirates” section at 2:55 is the apex of mankind’s achievements.

Dull. As. Ditch water. Roll on 2013/14!