Classic Moments: The Intro To The First Ever Sky Sports ‘Super Sunday’ Broadcast, 1992 (Video)

Chris Wright

21st, June 2013


By Chris Wright


While plumbing the depths of Youtube to turn up those unsettling opening titles from a 1991 edition of Match of the Day yesterday, we unwittingly unearthed another little gem in the shape of the intro to the first ever “Ford Super Sunday” programme – first broadcast in 1992 when Sky Sports showed up and ruined football forever more.

How many lesser-spotted yellow nylons had to die for Richard Keys to have that jacket made? Look at the bloody state of it!

Here we go – it was, quite literally, all downhill from here..

*Sigh* Remember when Forest used to be referred to as “hot-shot giants”?



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  1. sirreg says:

    “Nottingham: one of the prettiest cities in the country”. They we’e full of sh*t from the start.

    • Chris says:

      @Sirreg: I could take that from a man who didn’t hail from a retail park on the outskirts of civilisation.

  2. Terry Shedingham says:

    You preempted my comment! Downhill from there indeed. Top flight football never seemed quite as special thereafter.

  3. Stu says:

    Here we go, here we go, here we go THIS IS IT!!!!!

  4. Murray says:

    Have to say, as an American reader, the Forest and Liverpool crests colliding into each other and exploding @ 1:08 flat out KILLS me.

  5. Tom the Bees fan says:

    ” a sporting tradition stretching all the way back to robin hood.” what is he on about! lol

  6. Sterile Cheddar Wedge says:

    Back when Richard Keys sounded like he had a spine.

  7. Kin Ju Bing says:

    “Mighty Liverpool” LOL

  8. rone says:

    I didn’t realise R.Hood played as a defender for Forest back in the day! Also the city ground looks “well”-what were they smoking before that broadcast?

  9. Nathaniel Quackenbush says:

    The theme tune is still better then that painful dirge they have these days

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