Cristiano Ronaldo Throws Slightly Wimpy ‘First Pitch’ At Dodgers Stadium (Video)

Chris Wright

1st, August 2013


By Chris Wright

With Real Madrid in town for some pre-season tournament thing, Cristiano Ronaldo was invited along to throw the first ceremonial pitch at Dodgers Stadium yesterday and it’s fair to say, judging by the slightly wimpy result, that he probably spends most of his time in the Bernabeu gym working on his lower body…

It’s the super intense face that’s the killer…

Yankees Dodgers Baseball

Still, could be worse. Could be Carly Rae Jepsen…


Anyway, Ronaldo also got down to a bit of various-size ball juggling with Dodgers slugger Yaseil Puig, as the pair traded freestyle licks at the side of the pitch…

(Videos via @Dodgers/Vine)

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  1. SL says:

    I always thought we was a bit limp wristed.

  2. Joe says:

    What a strange tradition. One you thought would be reserved for someone who deserves the honour. At least someone with a passing knowledge of the game, or one that most of the crowd recognises. Imagine – I’m sorry, I haven’t the first clue of any baseball player’s name – some baseballer anyway, kicking off the first game of the season at the Bernebau.

  3. Well says:

    I’m pretty sure most of the fans in LA know Ronaldo.

  4. Jason says:

    He overthrew it so one could say he had too much power. But LA is basically all Mexican. They know who he is.

  5. Nuno says:

    The “first ceremonial pitch” is something they do in many games (if not in EVERY game). It was not the first game of the season, I believe (Wikipedia told me it was in April). Anyway, it’s still one of the most boring games on earth (on par with Curling)

  6. TravisKOP says:

    @Nuno if you don’t understand the game then yes baseball is INSANELY boring. However if you get it and all the calls they make its insanely fun to watch b/c its like a chess game

  7. usrick says:

    Nuno is right – the ceremonial first pitch is so common that it often features people even less well known than CR7 to baseball fans (and even less skilled at throwing a baseball).

  8. Nuno says:

    So a chess game is also insanely fun to watch? I think I’ll pass learning (all) the rules, thanks :)

  9. Marquette Jer says:

    @Nuno-Funny comment about baseball being insanely boring. Here in the States, I have many friends who don’t watch soccer because it is insanely boring. They think that way because they don’t understand the game, and don’t care to learn about it. As someone who has played both baseball and soccer, I can only provide my personal opinion that both sports are beautiful. I have stopped trying to convince my soccer hating friends that a 1-1 draw can be thrilling. If you have a reason to hate baseball, let’s hear it, otherwise move on to what you know.

    _Also, not a bad effort by C Ronaldo.

  10. Marquette Jer says:

    @Nuno–Apologies, I attributed the “insanely boring” phrase to you, which was incorrect.

  11. Nuno says:

    @Marquette Jer – The worst thing for me is the tempo. I admit not having seen many baseball games, but it’s a hit then 5 minutes before anything else happens. Basically same reason why I can’t see much of American Football, too much stoppage time.
    I admit many football games also have boring times, but most games with top tier teams have a good tempo. Baseball and American Football have a lot of dead times, either with worst or better teams.
    And that is why I usually love to watch NBA games – great tempo.
    That’s my reason.

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