Two Blokes Interview Each Other In ‘Donald Duck’ Voices, One Happens To Be VfL Bochum Coach Peter Neururer (Video)

Chris Wright

21st, August 2013


By Chris Wright

Here’s a recent interview between a Bild reporter and Vlf bochum coach Peter Neururer in which both men, for reasons that escape our comprehension, conduct their respective sides of the conversation in “Donald Duck” voices…

We can’t actually tell if they’re having a serious conversation in Donald Duck voices or if they’re merely making noise while salivating wildly over a table.

Any German-flavoured Pies fans out there able to confirm whether they’re they actually sprechening sie Deutsch?

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  1. Kraut says:

    the “dialogue” doesn’t make any sense at all. However, Neururer, being a real character, publicy talked like this several times before (see youtube).

  2. JJ says:

    Lolololol…quality….Hoping for Lineker to this on one of his interviews on MOTD :D

  3. Fritz says:

    Ye, just noises. After standing up Neururer says: “Oh crap, I’ve never done something like this in my life. You guys are bonkers.”

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