South Korean Second-Tier Striker Misses The Most Open Of Open Goals (Video)

Alan Duffy

9th, September 2013


By Alan Duffy

This is what ‘da kidz’ would call an Epic Fail, one imagines. A right stinker of a miss from feck-all yards out from the unfortunate (or just crap) Jo Sung-Joon.

The misfiring attacker was playing for Anyang in their South Korean Second Division clash with the prosaically-named Korean Police FC when he had the goal at his mercy. However, rather than smash home from a matter of inches the eejit wellied the ball high, wide and not at all handsome. And all that after his team-mate had bravely headed the ball on before being royally poleaxed by the ‘keeper!

To make matters worse for Anyang, one of their defenders then scored a dreadful own-goal. And with those kind of mishaps it will come s little surprise to learn that the Police team won 2-1. Dismal. But amusing!

Video: 101gg