Retro Football: ITV Commentator Hugh Johns Drops Classic Clanger While Commending Scotland Midfielder Asa Hartford’s Workrate, 1978 (Video)

Chris Wright

11th, September 2013


By Chris Wright

Coming during Scotland’s infamous 3-1 loss against Peru at the 1978 Argentinian World Cup (i.e, the comically ill-fated “Ally’s Army” World Cup), ITV commentator Hugh Johns uttered one of those wonderful swatches of babble that are just so innocently insensitive/nonsensically awful that they’re immediately archived in the minds of football folklorists forever more.

Having just – just! – mentioned Asa Hartford’s recently-discovered heart complaint a matter of seconds before, Johns finishes his glowing endorsement of the then-Man City midfielder’s solid workrate with an absolute clanger of a ricket of a dropped bollock…

Still, at least it came from the heart, eh Hugh? Pure commentary gold!