‘God Bless America! We Love You Forever!’ – Mexican Commentator Melts Down During Final Stages Of USA’s Dramatic Win Over Panama (Video)

Chris Wright

16th, October 2013


By Chris Wright

As we’ve alluded to already this morning, the US saved Mexico’s World Cup bacon last night when two extremely late goals saw them come from behind in stoppage time beat Panama in their final qualfiier and thus keep El Tri in the play-off position.

Here’s the moment, as relayed by Mexican commentator Christian Martinoli who was watching the culmination of both games in split-screen for TV Azteca, yelling “God bless America! We love you for ever and ever!” as he slowly melted down in a puddle of bubbling, teary-eyed putty at the sight of the US doing his national side a solid…

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  1. Hootie says:

    The indictment of the Mexican team that ensues is amazing in its vitriol, too:

    “You’ve done nothing for the shirt.”

  2. Peter says:

    Graham Zusi is dead to me.

  3. gkiller says:

    Well, that’s certainly not something you hear/see often. I wonder if the Mexican fans will continue to throw bags of piss at our players now?

  4. Gil says:

    If this doesn’t deserve a *fnarf* I dont know what does

  5. Leo says:

    In a few words, Martinoli said: All of you are a f*cking piece of sh*te, you don’t deserve wearing the shirt, “european players” never do anything, this oportunity is thanks to USA, NO TO YOU!

    Everybody laugh at us worldwide, we are so embarrased…
    Sorry for my english :(

  6. smrc says:

    If Panama had won that game, they would be even with Mexico in amount of points (11) and goals difference (-2) in the final table.
    Does that mean that 2 direct matches agg. between Mexico and Panama worth less than goals scored in general, counting other rivals?
    I mean – firstly there was a draw, then Mexico won by the fucking chilena and still there was Panama to play against New Zealand because of the 3 more goals scored (10 to 7)? Someone ensure me of that fact or maybe tell me where my maths is wrong.

  7. anthony says:

    Lol Martinoli is Argentinian no Mexican.

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