Irate Red Star Belgrade Ultras Throw Shampoo Into Players’ Cars In Protest Over Slump

Chris Wright

16th, October 2013


By Chris Wright

In the not so very distant past Red Star Belgrade were a dark horse to be reckoned with in European football circles, going as far as winning the European Cup in 1991, but the with club currently floundering in mid(ish)-table in the Serbian Super Liga and flirting with destitution, those days, it’s fair to say, are long gone.

Indeed, Red Star are perilously broke, owing millions to their various creditors – with the players recently writing an open letter to anyone concerned expressing their worries over the club’s “alarming” financial state, admitting that wages are regularly paid late, that the training facilities are in disrepair and that the club aren’t even able to supply the players with shampoo in the showers anymore.

These revelations prompted a group of hardcore Red Star ultras to stage a protest, which involved them smashing the windows of nine cars in the players’ carpark and chucking bottles of shampoo into the front seats. That’ll learn ’em!

This all comes a matter of weeks after incensed fans demanded the unworthy Red Star players take off their shirts following a miserable defeat against ninth-place Vozdovac and when the players submissively obliged they were immediately met with a angry barrage of torn-up seats and other various chunks of the stadium.

Still, at least now their hair will be impeccably conditioned, bouncy and full of lustre.

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  1. Luke says:

    Man, I actually feel bad for those players. If someone smashed up say, Oezil’s new Ferrari, then it would be bad but I know it wouldn’t decimate his $$. But a Golf and low end Alpha? Damn…

  2. marko says:

    Don’t feel bad for players, they earn thousand of euros for nothing (amateur football) and this cars are giving wrong picture of their bank account status.

  3. L'Argent says:

    Some cosmetics company should take on this and hire the whole first team in their adverts. Zvezda should have the biggest hairs and shiniest skalps in Europe.
    Despicable ‘fans’. Protest and humiliate your team bosses but never your players. If they are not proper Zvezda quality they should not have been hired in the first place. It is not the players’ fault. Bad facilities and irregular pay does not help motivation. Neither does having to drive home in bashed up car.

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