Triple Clanger: Freiburg GK Oliver Baumann Makes Three Awful Errors, Concedes Three Awful Goals vs Hamburg (Video)

Chris Wright

28th, October 2013


By Chris Wright

Germany Soccer Bundesliga

Someone obviously recently took delivery of the “Joe Hart Guide to Stupid, Jumpy, Needlessly Pro-Active Goalkeeping Decisions’ if Freiburg goalkeeper Oliver Baumann’s calamitous performance against Hamburg on Sunday afternoon was anything to go by.

Hamburg won the game 0-3 with the 23-year-old Freiburg ‘keeper dropping major clangers for all three goals: flying out of his area at a moment’s notice for the first two, only to stutter when it came to actually clearing the ball thus allowing Hamburg pair Max Beister and Pierre-Michel Lasogga to capitalise with the goal a-gaping each time.

Baumann then shored up his hat-trick on the hour mark, fumbling Beister’s shot directly into the path of Rafael van der Vaart who, by rights, should really write the Freiburg ‘keeper a little thank-you note for gifting him Hamburg’s third goal so generously…

A solid day’s work that leaves Freiburg second-bottom of the table, five points adrift of the dotted line.

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  1. oink says:

    looks like a solid application for Roy’s boys!

  2. Fisty McCracken says:

    According to Google Translate* Baumann means “England’s number 1”

    *might not actually be true

  3. K says:

    I don’t know a lot about his usual performances, but I’d be looking into match fixing in a heartbeat on this one. Because you have to try to do that bad for the most part.

  4. Peters says:

    that second error was madness.. just kick it out you fool

    but as my favourite quote from a book about soccer fixing says: “If you’re going to lose anyways, at least lose with 25,000 pound in your back pocket”

  5. iko says:

    This has match fixing written all over it. I mean holy hell.

  6. jj says:

    idiots sayuing its match fixing. The goalie made one mistake and then had some serious psychological breakdown

  7. Sebastian says:

    And he’s the CAPTAIN???

  8. Nuno says:

    WOW… just wow…
    You can’t be a professional keeper and be THAT bad. He doesn’t even try.
    But if you’re going to bet against your team, I think THREE gifts might be a bit too suspicious…

  9. Plethora says:

    First one is so blatantly intentional its untrue. Only the third could possibly be an accident.

  10. TravisKOP says:

    hes been a fairly consistently decent keeper tbh. hes only begun floundering since the season started

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