Juventus Fined €5,000 After Curva Full Of School Kids Shout Rude Word At Udinese Goalkeeper

Chris Wright

3rd, December 2013


By Chris Wright

Rather laughably, Juventus have been fined today after a stand full of schoolchildren yelled a naughty word at Udinese keeper Zeljko Brkic during the recent game between the two sides at Juve’s eponymous stadium.

For reasons that are beyond our comprehension, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) disciplinary committee have deemed a fine to the tune of €5,000 to be sufficient punishment after the 12,000 kids who were let into the curva yelled ‘Oooooh MERDA!’ (i.e, ‘Oooooh SH*T!’) in unison when Brkic took a few goal-kicks midway through the game.

According to Gazzetta, the FIGC have seen fit to charge and fine Juve after their young supporters “repeatedly turned on a member of the opposing team with an insulting chorus.”

Can you bloody Adam and Eve it?

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  1. Al says:

    but the rampant racism in their stadiums is fine it seems…

  2. krak says:

    this is because the figc drew a hard line in what can be shouted and displayed in matches. reason being that they can now punish even the least amount of racist jokes and insults. so, please get off ur high horse.

  3. Manolo Garnix says:

    In the italian FA they’ve lost their mind. While not doing enough against racism in football, they now fine the clubs for “territorial dicrimination”. Imagine United beeing fined for chants against scousers. And as MERDA seems to be forbidden as well, they clearly crossed the line in my opinion.

  4. The Baby Jesus says:

    racism is good

  5. The Baby Jesus says:


  6. Father of Jesus says:

    It is important to correct improper behavior early on. If only Hitler had received competent art instruction when HE was a child….

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