Ever Wondered What A Team Of 11 Kevin Grosskreutzes Would Look Like? Here’s Your Answer… (Video)

Chris Wright

13th, December 2013


By Chris Wright

Those rascals over at the Bundesliga’s official Youtube channel love a good spliced-together video – just check out their brilliant ‘50 Years of the Bundesliga in One Attack‘ series of virals from last season for proof – but their latest is something a little different.

Basically, Kevin Grosskreutz has gained a bit of a rep in Germany for being a utility man par excellence (or whatever the equivalent German phrase is) after playing in almost every position for Dortmund over the past few seasons: from up-front, to right-back, to goalkeeper: so the Bundesliga chaps have cobbled together a cracking little video imagining just what it would be like to see a side of 11 Grosskreutzes take to the field.

Expect blood, sweat, thunder, commitment and more sweat…

Love it.