Come Laugh At These American Folks Struggling To Answer Questions About Football… (Video)

Chris Wright

15th, January 2014


By Chris Wright

In which intrepid Youtuber Baha Salamah traipses around the UCLA campus, vox-popping students with questions about the insanely popular, almost entirely global sport that the majority of America knows (or cares) absolutely zippo about so that we, the enlightened hoards, can giggle at their silly, clueless ‘Murican answers…

Now before y’all Yanks start with your whoopin’, cussin’ and a-hollerin’, we’re well aware that the following video isn’t accurately indicative of the U.S view of soccer, that the cross section of questionees was skewed from the get-go and that the MLS is more popular than it’s ever been in certain regions of the country.

Please know that we only tease you with the greatest affection.

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  1. joe says:

    Ask questions about American Football in the UK, and the result would be the same.

  2. Anonymous says:

    American football is a purely American game though. Ask about basketball or baseball, more global games (although not on the same level as football) and the results in the UK would be similar.

  3. tim says:

    Yes it would, how ever the point here is that football is a grobal sport that USA dont know much about. American football is really only watched in USA except superbowl (yes their are people out side USA who watch it)

    Though their are derby premier league games that get more global viewers than the superbowl.

    That said loving the video.

  4. Si says:

    @Joe – but football is a global sport broadcast in pretty much every country in the world and the MLS is very high profile in the States at the moment.

    By contrast, American Football is predominantly watched by those in the US, quite frankly because most of the developed world do not have the patience to watch a game that takes about six hours to finish when you factor in the constant commercial breaks (sorry, very important time outs).

  5. Jason says:

    As an American, this is pathetic. Liverton really!?

  6. Cosa says:

    Why are Americans so insecure about having the piss taken? The article is caveated, at the end, especially to spare American feelings and yet still half of the posters take it personally.

    Basketball and baseball are no where near as popular as football globally,

  7. Moop says:

    As an American, I find this both hilarious and still facepalm myself after watching it. And here I thought I was a bit behind the curve when it came to proper football knowledge

    To be fair, I know people that say they are big fans of teams in a variety of sports that don’t know anything about the team they “support”.

    Liverton … classic.


  8. Anonymous says:

    The funniest part is when the guy says England had a fighting chance at the world cup!

  9. savage says:

    Im offensive and I find this American!!!!!

  10. SpursCroat says:

    Toting Ham!

  11. TravisKOP says:

    to be fair this lot seems the type where if asked similar questions about baseball they’d know fuck all about it.

  12. EDub says:

    Toting ham … Liverton … I love it!

    I bet the guy in the Arsenal shirt got most of the answers right – probably why they didn’t show him much.

  13. Fnarf says:

    The guy in the Arsenal shirt says “I like Adebayor” which is a, shall we say, minority viewpoint amongst Gunner fans.

    “Liverton” is fantastic.

    Consider that you can go out on the street and find plenty of people who have no idea who the leader of their country is or are unable to name a country in Asia etc. This doesn’t surprise me much.

    I know I’m a Yank and I could easily name at least 200 English football clubs and very nearly every member of FIFA (though I’d probably miss a few not-really-countries like New Caledonia, US Virgin Islands, and Wales).

  14. Fnarf says:

    Liverton exists! Liverton United FC, plays in the South West Peninsula League Division One East. Liverton’s in Devon. So maybe that girl’s just got REALLY DEEP KNOWLEDGE. She thought they were talking about their backup keeper Fred Torrez.

  15. Giancarlo says:

    Dude was wearing a shirt that said soccer on it. Doorknob.

  16. Maria says:

    You can name 200 teams? Given there are only 92 teams in the league your knowledge of non-league and amateur football is astounding!

  17. Jeremia says:

    Here’s a wild guess- I recon if you asked Americans about their knowladge of international basketball the awnsers might be very simmilar to those here.

  18. Applesauce says:

    Let’s ask people, who do not give a shit about football, football questions, and then be surprised when they can’t answer correctly!


  19. AmericaFuckNo says:

    How can I explain this to outsiders? The people in America live in a bubble, not reality. They have been brainwashed to some extent about the outside world through media and general widespread stupidity. This is not a matter of football, this is a matter of education. They have become so consumed by the bubble in which they exist, they cannot percieve any other existence and henceforth have become trapped. The only thing from keeping these parochial mindsets from crumpling is the strongest military in the world, which gives people the biggest sense of ethnocentrism the world has ever seen. Its not to my surprise that many englishmen cannot understand them, as they have shown more subjective viewpoints to other cultures.

  20. Indiana SUCKZ!!! says:

    They will ALWAYZ be the Ball’merr Colts.

    No Frontal Lobe
    Not For Long

    I DETEST American football. So glad I discovered REAL Football. Toon Army 4eva! Pants doon if you love tha Toon! Coming to you LIVE from the good ol’ US of A! Every Sat & Sun morning.

  21. Luca says:

    The “Jesuit Soccer” t-shirt is just precious.

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