Loan Shirk: Fiorentina’s Alessandro Matri Ducks Out Of Freekick Wall Against Parent Club AC Milan (GIF & Video)

Chris Wright

27th, March 2014


By Chris Wright

Italy Soccer Serie A

Many-an eyebrow was raised quizzically over in Serie A last night when Fiorentina loanee Alessandro Mastri appeared to duck out of the defensive wall while supposedly keeping a free-kick against his parent club at bay.

Matri struggled to make any headway at Milan following a high-profile move from Juventus last summer and was loaned to Fiorentina for six months back in January 2014 – though, looking in from the outside, it seems his loyalties may still be slightly split.

With Mario Balotelli gearing up to take the set-piece, Matri shirked his defensive duties and dashed away from the end of the wall as if to make perfectly sure he wasn’t in the firing line as Balotelli unleashed his shot – a clipped shot which ended up beating Fiorentina ‘keeper Neto and nestling in the back of the net to put the away side 0-2 up…

Hopefully we’re just being overly cynical, but doesn’t that look a little suspicious to you?

Just for the record, there isn’t a rule prohibiting loan players from playing against their parent clubs in Italy.



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  1. Bobby Point says:

    There is no rule that says that players on loan can’t play against their parent clubs. Sometimes clubs make a deal but the law says nothing about that.

  2. AAA says:

    well it’s pretty obvious he thought that Balo is going to pass the ball to the player to his right (I think it’s Bonera). he even points at him in order to warn his teammates.
    but anyway it’s pretty dumb to think that Mario is going to pass in a situation like this.

  3. hachel says:

    I’d say it’s pretty dumb to think that Mario is going to pass.

  4. Supervillan says:

    Sorry Bobby, but you’re wrong mate. According to regulation 53.1.1 no player is permitted to play against their parent club without prior written permission of said club.

  5. Fat Nakago says:

    He’s useless as tits on a fish… that’s why we loaned him to you. You have our permission to play him against us. Go ahead. LOL

  6. Joe says:

    It’s not like it was a bad free kick. Not the best quality, but still that shot was goal bound.

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