Maxi Lopez Snubs Mauro Icardi Handshake As Lurid Marital Melodrama Consumes Serie A Clash (Photos & Video)

Chris Wright

14th, April 2014


By Chris Wright

Italy Soccer Serie A

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara – of “Derby della Wanda” fame

The game was billed as the “Derby della Wanda” beforehand; the Wanda in question being Wanda Nara: Italian model, ex-wife of Sampdoria striker Maxi Lopez and current girlfriend of Inter forward Mauro Icardi, who were both team-mates and friends at Samp last season until the former pilfered the latter’s lady friend towards the tail-end of 2013.

Lopez’s marriage duly broke up with Nara (with whom he has two children) claiming that he had “neglected” her in an interview with Revista People.

“Although I’ve been living in luxury, I am also living with hidden pain,” Nara reportedly wibbled. “I think the time has passed for me to save my family. I will not fight for the money, because [Maxi] knows me.”

Icardi then moved to Inter the following season with Wanda in tow and the relationship between the two became increasingly public, with Nara posting “after-sex selfies” on Twitter and Icardi publishing photos on social media of himself and Nara, along with her two sons wearing Icardi’s Inter kit shortly before the Sampdoria game – to which Lopez took understandable offence, telling Sky Italia: “I can understand that, being a public figure, he publishes photos. But I’m not comfortable with my kids being in those photos.”

As expected, the two players refused to shake hands before the game…

Then things got really tasty…

Italy Soccer Serie A

First of all, Icardi opened the scoring after 12 minutes and promptly celebrated by cupping his ear in the direction of the Samp fans (who had been jeering him remorselessly since before kick-off), earning himself an instant yellow card in the process.

Italy Soccer Serie A

Just five minutes later, Samp won a penalty with Lopez given the chance to level the scores, though the striker’s spot-kick was duly saved by Inter ‘keeper Samir Handanovic.

Two minutes later, Lopez’s striker partner Eder was booked for a blatant dive which sparked a skirmish in which the Brazilian was given another yellow card and sent off.

Samp then ran out of steam and ended up losing heavily; a Walter Samuel header, Rodrigo Palacio’s 15th goal of the season and, just to grind coarse sea salt into the wound, another goal for Icardi fleshing out a 4-0 defeat for the home side…


(Photos: PA)

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  1. Al says:

    what pure scum Icardi and Wanda seem to be, relationships end all the time but here there are kids involved, have some class, keep some level of privacy and don’t try to break the poor bloke. If I was Maxi I would have broken his leg, jump style two footed at the first opportunity, no question

  2. the69ersfc says:

    A forceful boot to Icardis bollocks would have been more appropriate.

  3. Anon says:

    If you cheat on your wife and she leaves you, then you can’t be too pissed when she starts dating your friend…

  4. Zet says:

    Mauro Icardi met Maxi Lopez 9 years ago when Maxi was 21 and playing for FC Barcelona and Icardi was 12 year old kid. Funny how things turned out.

  5. Sjakie Meulemans says:

    Imagine if they’d been direct opponents during the match…would have been interesting, to say the least.

  6. Ron says:

    Gross, sloppy seconds from a former teammate? With all your money and fame, why not find something a little bit less used?

  7. Bob says:

    If i was Lopez i would have waited until the 89th minute then gone and found him and give him a two footed tackle, ball near or not.

  8. J says:

    I have to point out Wanda Nara is an Argentine model. She is still being a slut, though.

  9. evaluna says:

    Wanda and Maxi have 3 kids, she’s from Argentina not Italy and she’s not a model (doubt it if she’s even 5.5″) she’s a vedette ( she parades around and poses for half naked pictures)

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