Mard Arse: Arjen Robben Lashes Out At Holland Team-Mate Bruno Martins Indi After Series Of Strong Training Ground Tackles (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, June 2014


By Chris Wright

With four days to go until the World Cup begins, it appears that the obligatory Holland pre-tournament squabble is finally upon us, with perpetual mard-arse Arjen Robben lashing out at Bruno Martins Indi during a Dutch training session yesterday after the Feyenoord defender went in sort of hard-ish on the Bayern Munich winger with a couple of tackles.

Being the big sopping wet mimsy that he is, Robben eventually left the pitch in a huff after being buffeted to the ground a couple of times by Martins Indi, who later accused Robben of going down too easily.

“Arjen is a good dribbler. I thought he fell needlessly once,” Martins Indi told the Associated Press. “We had a little head-to-head.”

A reporter then apparently told Martins Indi that he’d noticed a bit of “irritation” between him and Robben, to which the centre-back replied, “You saw right.”

We’ll just leave this here…