Hooters’ ‘Football vs Futbol’ World Cup Advert Is A Work Of Pure Tripe (Video)

Chris Wright

12th, June 2014


By Chris Wright

Starring some NFL people and a couple of scantily-clad waitresses, here’s Hooters’ downright abysmal “football vs futbol” World Cup advert…

It saddens us to think that several people got paid for that.

(Via Bleacher Report)

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  1. Sherman the German says:

    Is that blonde supposed to be German? She pronounces “Fuß” like we do in Germany and “ball” rather English. And what is she doing with her hand? Does she mean table football? I don’t get that.

  2. Chris says:

    @Sherman: “Foosball” is what the daft Yanks call “table football”.

  3. Sherman the German says:

    @Chris: I see. Didn’t know that, thanks!

  4. Fnarf says:

    Great, thanks a lot, watching that video took ten points off my IQ, and now I can’t remember where I live.

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