Richard Keys Produces Beautifully Cringe-Inducing 2014 World Cup Diary (Video)

Chris Wright

12th, June 2014


By Chris Wright


Your “key” to sports, geddit?

One look at his website is enough to reveal that the man is a social media don and, once again, Richard Keys has proved he is on the cutting edge of all that he surveys by producing a behind-the-scenes World Cup diary via his own personal Youtube channel.

While driving through Doha, Keysy shares his thoughts on the 2014 World Cup, the previous tournament in South Africa and the changes both he and Graysy have lived through in the intervening four years – smashing it all the way.

“Kevin Keegan’s here” = pure Partridge…

No, this is not a spoof.

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  1. stoffel says:

    I can’t watch it because it’ll be another view for him.

    If we ignore him he’ll go away.

    Speaketh not of him and we shall forget.

    Time is a healer.

  2. Eeny says:

    Would have been better if a lorry smashed into their car.

    • Matt Daug says:

      That would’ve been all too perfect. Especially because Keys is just playing with his unbuckled seatbelt the whole time. So, the only thing better than a lorry smashing into their car would be a lorry crashing into their car and sending Keys clean through the windscreen while his noble sidekick awkwardly/creepily chuckles away.

  3. syndex says:

    Jesus that is painful

  4. Martin says:

    How do talksport still employ these creeps? During the week I would change radio stations when they came on during the mid morning slots and now I change radio stations when they are on the Friday evening show. Andy Grays’s weird laughing after every word that Keys says which are not even meant to be funny and Keys eery fake voice. As stoffel said above, wish they would stay out of our media and stay in Doha’s media.

  5. bof says:

    What’s with this boy’s mouth? Keys must still have half of his breakfast in it. He’d rather get done eating it instead of talking bilge.

  6. Mr Sensible says:

    His fat face has bloated so much that his lips have started to disappear into his mouth.

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