Hulk Hogan Provides Motivational Speech For USA Squad Ahead Of Germany Tie, Brotha (Video)

Chris Wright

26th, June 2014


By Chris Wright

This just might be the most American thing ever, Jack: Hulk Hogan sayin’ his prayers, takin’ his vitamins, flexin’ those 24-inch pythons and delivering a trademark motivational speech for the USA squad ahead of their critical game against Germany, brotha…

By ‘eck, he’s in good nick for a 60-year-old gent.


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  1. bert says:

    fucking yanks.

  2. Rory says:

    He’s a 60 year old man who dresses like a Hooter’s waitress.

    still though, he’s reached a new low with this shit! His sextape was more tasteful…

  3. Ross says:

    Can’t fault their patriotism, however, the germans will hammer the yanks tonight!

  4. KForce says:

    If a fortune teller had shown me a glimpse of the future whilst back in the 80’s and I was shown this video without any context, I would be left speechless.

    ‘what’s social media?’ ‘Germany’s going to get beat by the USA?’ ‘Is Hulk Hogan making a presidential address to the nation?’

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