Amusing ‘Flop’ Vine Demonstrates Why Americans Stil Struggle To Take Soccer Seriously (Video)

Chris Wright

7th, July 2014


By Chris Wright

This ‘ere Vine creation demonstrates just why the majority of North America still struggles to get on board with soccer (despite it clearly being far superior to their silly Super Bowls World Series and NBA All-Star Smackdowns)  in the space of five seconds – the sheer amount of, as they call it, flopping…

You may well laugh, but there was definitely contact.

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  1. Chris says:

    falling over to embellish contact isnt just a tough sell. Its downright conning a huge market.

    “Soccer is awesome” – yes there is cheating but its all part of it. “No!!!” – video evidence is not used to exact the correct ruling – We prefer human error and judgement.

    Yes you have to play along…
    I’ve been watching football since the late 70’s and ive seen cheating and diving move from continent to continent. Finally its everywhere.

    The words challenge, tackle, contact… apparently are loosely combined in someway justify FIFA induced shitty rulings by a referee. Who unfortunately has to allow a foul given to the most elaborate of actors.

    Hey America, join the fun…. you’ll get it soon I promise.
    Congratulations on having the most honest and hardworking squad in the WC. Thatt’ll all change soon too..

  2. Murray says:

    Out of all the American sporting fixtures alluded to above, only Smackdown! can draw a comparison to having completions decided by incompetent refs and feigned injuries, and that crap is SCRIPTED.

  3. Iz says:

    This is copying a Key & Peele sketch. Completely same thing just longer and funny.

  4. savage says:

    “i like soccer but cant stand the diving”
    -every american ever

  5. Joe says:

    Although we’d all like to see less, ahem, sportsmanship in football, I think I much prefer having to put up with players dramatically hitting the deck every 20 minutes or so, than a commercial break every three minutes or so.
    Also, diving is only frustrating for the television viewer. You wouldn’t even notice at a live match. It’s just another referees decision.

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