Retro Football: Diego Maradona Enjoys Cheeky Sniff Of ‘Unidentified White Powder’ In Middle Of Charity Game, 1986 (Video)

Chris Wright

11th, July 2014


By Chris Wright


Having “single-handedly” (geddit?) won the World Cup for Argentina in Mexico a month or so previous, Diego Maradona was invited to play in the UNICEF World Stars exhibition game in front of 60,000 fans at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California as part of a team made up of players from North, Central and South America against a “Rest of the World XI”.

The American team were 0-2 down by the 60th minute thanks to goals from Terry Butcher and Paolo Rossi, but Maradona then popped into life – laying on an 81st-minute goal for Paraguay’s Roberto Cabanas before scoring himself seven minutes later to square things up and send the game to penalties.

Following a botched spot-kick from South Korea’s Park Chang-Sun, Maradona then scored what turned out to be the winning penalty – though it was his post-goal celebration which has since entered into the annals of footballing folklore.

Just keep an eye out for Maradona’s “friend” in the pale blue shirt, who wanders onto the pitch and, in full view of everyone, treats his buddy to a toot from a bag of what we’re legally obliged to refer to as “unidentified white powder” – not once, but twice…

In almost definitely unrelated circumstances, Diego Maradona later failed several high-profile drugs tests during the tail-end of his career due to cocaine abuse.

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  1. savage says:

    the blow comes out around the 1:02 mark, save yourself a minute of your precious time

  2. smrc says:

    Argentina won the world cup on home soil 8 years before. Maradona gave them the title in Mexico.

  3. Jimmy the Tiger says:

    Why is Maradona wearing adult diapers?

  4. dc says:

    is there any story behind this other than a really terrible video clip where you can only tell it’s maradona because of the text on the screen?

    like: did a lot of people afterwards talk about how they saw maradona sniff a white powder out of the light blue guy’s hand? were there any news reports?

    because i see absolutely no evidence here of anything. the light blue guy could have patted him on the cheek to congratulate him. he could have done anything, because you can’t actually see what he’s doing other than put a hand up to maradona’s face while being blocked off by someone else. and even if you could see maradona’s face, the video quality is so bad that you wouldn’t be able to tell anything anyway.

    i’m not saying the man wasn’t a known coke head, but come on guys, this video is absolutely useless. this might as well be titled “maradona thinks about butterflies after scoring penalty in charity match.”

  5. Bestie says:

    He should’ve been banned from football for wearing those shorts, not for whatever he was sniffing

  6. ahh says:

    Pretty sure those were sniffing “salts” that they used to give to players.. Not saying he didn’t do cocaine, but why would he do it out on the field like that? He can do as much as he wants in his private time..

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