Brazilian TV Host Gets Emotional After Congratulating His Country On Successful World Cup Hosting

Alan Duffy

14th, July 2014


By Alan Duffy

Poor old Ricardo Rocha, Brazilian football TV host, couldn’t hold back the tears when summing up what the 2014 World Cup had meant to his country. At the end of an impassioned rant, he said:

I congratulate the people of Brazil for this World Cup. Before, we had a lot of strikes, many problems, but we’ve shown what the Brazilian people are about. 

We carry the team in our hearts and sing the anthem a cappella. 

I have a six year old son. I was 17 days away from home, and when I returned, he was singing the national anthem. That thrilled me. We Brazilians are best fans in the world, and let’s turn it up!

Lovely stuff. By the way, am I right in saying this is the same Ricardo Rocha, a moustachioued centre-half, who played in the 1990 and 1994 World Cups for Brazil as well as for Real Madrid? Google ain’t helping me here.

(Video: 101gg)