Retro Football: Dullest Documentary Of All Time Follows Rochdale FC On Their Journey To Wycombe In 1993/94

Alan Duffy

17th, July 2014

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By Alan Duffy

Sometimes ‘fly on the wall’ documentaries can be full of fascinating insights into lives you wouldn’t ordinarily see. But on other occasions they can simply put you to sleep. This cheapo film follows Rochdale as they make the journey to play Wycombe in a Division Three clash which, to add to the lack of action, was ultimately called off.

The one interesting thing in this dull production is seeing what players did before the advent of smartphones. Playing cards and then playing pool whilst wearing hideous tracksuits is what they did. So there. ‘Enjoy’…

Thanks to @oilysailor for the spot!

(Video: Lutondale)