Milking It: Peruvian Cup Match Interrupted By Pitch-Invading Cow (Video)

Chris Wright

14th, August 2014


By Chris Wright

The Copa Peru is in full swing down in…erm, Peru at the moment, with the nationwide cup consisting of several regional league tournaments that offer promotion into the Peruvian first and second divisions to the winners and runners-up.

Given that we’re talking about the lower levels of a pretty thin football league here, some of the early Copa Peru ties can be a bit “rural”, with the recent game between Minsa and Expreso Inambari proving to be just that.

Indeed, the game was interrupted by a pitch-invading cow…

Apparently the players tried to shoo the cow from the pitch…BUT IT JUST WENT IN ONE EAR AND STRAIGHT OUT THE UDDER!!!!


Hello? Is this thing on?

(Via Guardian)