Fenerbahce Keeper Volkan Launches Weird Balls-First Attack On Felipe Melo After Botched Super Cup Penalty (Video)

Chris Wright

26th, August 2014


By Chris Wright

After a rip-roaring 120 minutes of entirely goalless action, Fenerbahce beat Galatasaray on penalties to claim the Turkish Super Kupa on Monday evening, with Felipe Melo ballooning the crucial spot-kick over the crossbar to hand Fener the win.

However that wasn’t where the ignominy ended for Melo, who was then subjected to a weird “attack” from Fener goalkeeper Volkan Demirel, who, having watched the Brazilian midfielder’s penalty sail over, proceeded to sprint straight at his defeated opponent and sort of thrust his genitals toward his face.

Melo, perhaps understandably, wasn’t best pleased…

Good to see that the subtle art of “Keowning” is alive and well in the modern age…


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  1. Saif says:

    Why was Melo shown the yellow card? I don’t get it…

  2. Ross says:

    The Romford Pele getting stuck in as well in the gif!

  3. Tom says:

    This was in response to Melo acting like a complete tw*t by diving in the derby last season and getting Emre sent off, then acting like a complete **** celebrating the red card. This was just retribution for that. Volkan doesn’t actually go for Melo, he goes to jump right past him and Melo steps across his path, which is why he was booked too…..(Google “Melo Emre red card” and you can see the incident from last season).

  4. Ali says:

    Can someone give me context as to why the gif below the video showed the Arsenal players being dicks to van Nistelrooy?

  5. gary says:

    The Arsenal vs Van Nistelrooy, was from years ago, he missed a penalty and Martin Keown started taunting him about it, ego the art of “Keowning”

  6. Allen says:

    Goes to show the tasteless gooners once again, absolute idiots! Always thought Martin Keown was a wrongen and he’s a pu**y too always has been always will be!

  7. Driss says:

    It happened in 2003, calling arsenal tasteless after van nistelrooy’s cheating is about as logical as my 3 month old baby noises, 11 years ago it happened, do people call you tasteless for things you did in the past? Be on your way then.

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