Classic Moments: Local News Station Welcome ‘Premier League Legend’ Darren Huckerby To MLS, 2008 (Video)

Chris Wright

27th, October 2014


By Chris Wright



With Bradley Wright-Phillips becoming the all-time record MLS single-season goalscorer at the weekend, Pies’ train of thought inescapably began meandering toward Darren Huckerby – as it so often does.

Allow us to elucidate: Huckerby was one of the first Premier League-era pioneers to make the lucrative end-of-career jump to MLS in lieu of dropping down the leagues and, having left Norwich at the end of the previous season, his arrival at the San Jose Earthquakes in 2008 was greeted with almost stereotypically awful faux-enthusiasm from the local news station, KRON 4.

Charged with hyping up some schmuck he’d never heard of who played a sport he likely couldn’t care less about, the KRON 4 anchor did his best to interview Hucks – establishing the following facts over the course of their awkward, stilted chat…

1) Huckerby was arriving from the Northfolk team in north-east England
2) He’s a legend
3) He’s responsible for the Greatest Goal Ever
4) “Manchester” play in an almost Birmingham City-esque blue strip
6) His wife is a bit too old to be a pop star


Huckerby’s sole season in the MLS was relatively successful, with the former Coventry, Man City and Norwich (and Forest!) striker scoring a respectable 9 goals in 28 appearances for the Earthquakes and bagging himself the  2008 MLS Newcomer of the Year Award before retiring the following September after undergoing an operation on his dicky hip.

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  1. Rob says:

    And Coventry!

    I live in the Bay Area, so I get to see the KRON 4 anchorman, Gary Radnich quite a bit. He’s actually a pretty decent bloke, and knows his sport except obviously football, despite what people outside of the US have been lead to believe, after the World Cup, football is still very rarely reported on daily sports news shows here in the US.

    • Chris says:

      @Rob: I swear to Shiva that I put Coventry in there. Must have snipped it by mistake.

      Fear not, they’ve been reinstated.

  2. Rob says:

    Here’s the one they should have put up

  3. Cosa says:

    Chris, to operate a site like this you must have a decent level of English capability and so shouldn’t fall into the trap of writing ‘Must of’ instead of ‘Must’ve’ or ‘Must have’. Come on, lad.

  4. Straight Dave says:

    I swear this interview never gets old.

    *Anchor asks Huckerby about ‘classic’ goal he scored against United*

    Huckerby: “Like I say it was a long time ago, and David Beckham was in the other side so it was nice to win the game”

    Anchor: “You ever play against Beckham”?

    *face palm*

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