‘I Did It To Defuse The Situation’ – Bristol Rovers’ Lee Mansell Gives Angry Opponent A Lovely Little Christmas Kiss

Chris Wright

22nd, December 2014

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By Chris Wright


Bristol Rovers midfielder Lee Mansell has revealed just why he kissed opposing Gateshead midfielder JJ O’Donnell during Friday night’s Conference Premier game between the two sides.

With the pair clambering over one another while jostling for the ball, they eventually ended up forehead-to-forehead – with Mansell then attempting to land a smacker on a clearly confused O’Donnell.

Rather than any kind of romantic advance, Mansell explained to BBC Radio Bristol that he was merely attempting to alleviate the tension:

“We either clash heads and he goes down or I end up doing something silly.

“I did it to defuse the situation. It’s the first time I’ve been booked for kissing someone.”

Have a butcher’s…

Fairly unsurprisingly, Mansell admitted that he feels a tad embarrassed about the whole thing, adding:

“I got in the car to go home and saw Twitter had lit up and my missus said: ‘What the hell were you thinking?’

“But we had a laugh and a joke about it with the lads afterwards.

“It’s another thing to add to the list of daft things I’ve done on the football pitch.”

He’s got a missus. Clear?