Retro Football: Graeme Souness Connects With A Proper Stamp On Iosif Rotariu, 1988 (Video)

Chris Wright

28th, January 2015


By Chris Wright


Putting Diego Costa’s little sherbet dib-dabs to shame, here’s Rangers enforcer Graeme Souness connecting with a proper stamp on Steaua Bucharest’s Iosif Rotariu in the 1988 European Cup – a tackle Rotariu’s teammate Gheorghe Popescu later deemed “the worst tackle he’d ever seen”.

Calling it a tackle is a bit of a stretch…

Love how A) Souey has the gall to complain that some chump has got blood all over his nice clean socks, and that, B) that kind of thing passed as a “definite yellow” in 1988.

My my, how times change!

Just for the record, Souness went completely unpunished.

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