Turkish Football Fan Nabbed By Police After Trying To Smuggle Bazillion Beers Into Stadium (Video)

Alan Duffy

14th, February 2015


By Alan Duffy

The forward-planning and preparation demonstrated  by this Turkish football fan warrants a round of applause. Entering the stadium with what looks like a custom-made beer-carrying sleeveless jacket full of bottles of booze, over which he wore a rather suspicious-looking black coat, the chap did look at bit nervous as he tried to out-fox the local security.

However, the man’s alco-ruse was easily spotted by the security inside the ground. Indeed, the poor chap is then de-beered (bottle by bottle) by a policeman revealing a mightily impressive haul of beer taken from his person. Nice try though! And anyone know which club he was supporting?

Video: 101GG



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  1. Jarren says:

    That is IMPRESSIVE! Fair play to him.

    The prices you pay for ONE beer these days in stadiums is pure extortion.

    But yeah, that was overkill.

    Hope the video goes viral, it’s definitely an epic one!

  2. Straight Dave says:

    Haha, how was he even able to move?

  3. trouble at mill says:

    Ignoring the guy in the Besiktas shirt, they look like Kayserispor fans

  4. Alain says:

    They’re Goztepe fans in Red and yellow jerseys. Goztepe is an Izmir club.

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