Awkward Silence: England Under-20s Caught Out By Extra Verse On National Anthem (Video)

Chris Wright

3rd, June 2015


By Chris Wright


“Something something God, something something Queen”

There were ever so slightly embarrassing scenes as the England Under-20s lined up before their game against Mexico at the Toulon Tournament this afternoon.

Having rolled through the standard pre-match national anthem, the England boys were caught out when it quickly became apparent the version being played had a second verse tagged on the end – y’know, the slightly contentious one about crushing rebellious Scotsmen and such…

If in doubt, stand around in awkward silence.

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  1. B13 via Blendon says:

    Number 4 is the best here, doing his faux-bellow before realising that no-one else is playing.

  2. Kendo says:

    How can Mexico play in this u20 Toulon tournament in France and the u20 World Cup in New Zealand at the same time? Are they clocking up the air miles or Have they send the u19s to one of them?

    • Chris says:

      @Kendo: It was an England U20 XI against a Mexico U20 XI.

      The official Mexico U20s are currently competing in the World Cup.

  3. What4 says:

    Half of them weren’t singing the first verse either.

  4. Kendo says:

    Thanks Chris..

    Reminds me of Mike Bassett film when the English team lose to Mexico then in the post match team talk give three cheers for Rameriz

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