Neymar Sent Off After Brazil’s Copa America Game Against Colombia As Spectacular Dive Sparks Silly Mini-Skirmish (Video)

Chris Wright

18th, June 2015


By Chris Wright

Things got a tad ugly at the tail end of last night’s Copa America group tie between Brazil and Colombia, with Neymar and Carlos Bacca both being administered with post-match red cards after an entirely silly mini-skirmish broke out after the final whistle.

Colombia managed to win the scrappy game 1-0; the first time they’ve beaten Brazil since 1991.

Anyway, all the real action took place afterwards as Neymar was shown his red first for petulantly hoofing a ball at his old nemesis Pablo Armero in frustration, a shot to the back that the Colombian defender took with both grace and dignity.

The obligatory ‘hardman’ nuzzle-fest then broke out, with Bacca charging in and shoving Neymar into the middle of next week and thus pick up a red card of his very own…

Like bloody children, the lot of ’em.

That Armero dive again, for posterity’s sake…

First class.