Norway Players Address Stereotypes About Women’s Game In Brilliant Spoof Documentary (Video)

Chris Wright

19th, June 2015


By Chris Wright


This is just so ace that it doesn’t really need an introduction beyond us telling you that the Norwegian Women’s World Cup squad have filmed an excellent mock documentary – a mockumentary if you will – entitled ‘We Suck At Football’ that addresses all the same old boring stereotypes, misgivings and criticisms of the women’s game, complete with fake tears…

As it happens, the Norwegian team most definitely can get their free-kicks over the wall.

Great stuff, brilliantly executed.

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  1. syndex says:

    [slow handclap]
    I see what you did there and I like it

  2. Ron says:

    Yes, this is amusing.

    However, can we talk about the 10-0 Ecuador game?

  3. David Hoffenheim says:

    she is so hot, its ok if she is shit at footy

  4. Jarren says:

    Very funny, fair play to them!

    They pretty much covered everything I grumble about the women’s game.

  5. Jenny says:

    I don’t get it. How could fifa laugh at those trailblazers?!? I’ve been using pegs for years and I won the Ballon D’or last year…. (I’m just using an alias to avoid endorsement contract conflicts).

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