Romanian Village Spend €18,000 On New Football Pitch Only To Leave Massive Tree Slap, Bang In The Middle Of It (Photo)

Chris Wright

29th, June 2015


By Chris Wright


Despite forking out almost £13,000 for the privilege of installing a brand new public football pitch, a Romanian village have collectively decided against uprooting an ancient tree that is sat slap, bang in the middle of it.

The village council of Tonciu in northern Romania raised €18,000 (approx. £12,700) to build themselves a new all-signing, all-dancing, all-weather pitch but were then left with no option but to build it around a 150-year-old oak tree when local residents objected to it being felled to make room.

(Now, if you’re sat there wondering why they didn’t just build the pitch somewhere else, preferably somewhere suitably pre-deforested, it’s that the plot of land in question was actually donated to the council specifically.)

Naturally, this resulted in one of the most unusual 5-a-side pitches you’re ever likely to see…

Yep, just like that one in Sao Paulo.

Tonciu mayor Ioan Milasan still seemed fairly chuffed with the results, telling local press:

“The football field was arranged in 2012, and the budget approved. Because of the will of the villagers, who wanted to keep the tree, we were forced to continue the work and build the football field around the oak.

“The field serves the 200 pupils of the local school in Tonciu, but anyone who wants to play football is welcome. We consider the oak tree pitch to be a unique and special one.”

Sadly, the internet has been quick to mock Tonciu after photos of their new pitch did the social media rounds. As such, the council are now planning to re-propose the tree be cut down.

Pah! If life/turn-of-the-eighties New Wave music has taught Pies anything it’s that ridicule is nothing to be scared of!

(Photo via Twitter)

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  1. Pete says:

    Not dissimilar to the Emirates when Mertesacker is on the pitch.

  2. What4 says:

    It’s 150 years old, leave the damn thing! Who cares about some knobs on the internet.

  3. Jarren says:

    Leave it alone! It can’t do a worse job than Phil Jones.

    Nice Adam Ant reference BTW, Chris.

    Love the early 80’s.

  4. MBW says:

    It’s a tree FFS, not an ancient monument. Cut it down already, it looks ridiculous. If you are so bothered about it surviving, then just take offcuts and plant them around the pitch. Same organism, the ones that survive the process are the same tree anywaysssss…..

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