Argentinian ‘Keeper Rodrigo Cervetti Drops Almighty Clanger With Absolute Classic Of The Genre (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, July 2015


By Chris Wright

In which, over in the Argentinian third tier, Comunicaciones ‘keeper Rodrigo Cervetti sets the tone for the 5-0 thrashing his side are about to receive at the hands of Atlanta by conceding the opening (own)goal of the game in truly spectacular fashion.

Having collected the ball in his own area under minimum pressure, Cervetti takes his time, assesses his options and duly sets about lobbing it directly into the back of his own net…

God above. That’s what tends to happen when you get caught in two minds and one of them is a total moron.

All hail the classic 180º Self-Destruct Slingshot: a true classic of the ‘keeper clanger genre, which can only really be improved by the introduction of slow-motion Japanese commentary…