Sepp Blatter Pelted With Money As Prankster Lee Nelson Gatecrashes FIFA Press Conference (Photos & Video)

Chris Wright

20th, July 2015


By Chris Wright

Sepp Blatter was briefly interrupted while garbling on at his FIFA press conference this afternoon when British comedian (and we use that term incredibly loosely) Lee Nelson usurped the FIFA president by bombarding him with money.

Blatter was halfway through announcing his plans to reform the organisation when Nelson, aka comedian Simon Brodkin, aka the bloke that stage-rushed Kanye West at Glastonbury a fortnight or so ago, approached the FIFA poobah where he sat.

Nelson then apparently told Blatter “this if for North Korea 2026” before lobbing a handful of fake bank notes over the FIFA president’s head…

As protests/comedic stunts/top lad banter go, it’s all a bit lacklustre and predictable (Brodkin’s stock-in-trade, as it happens),  though it did lead to a series of wonderful images being captured by the photographers on hand – photos of Sepp being mesmerised by a shower of money that are bound to serve us and many others well in the future…



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  1. James Taylor says:

    For a split-second, before opting to avoid further scandal, you can see Sepp’s initial reaction was to grab as many fistfuls of the fluttering currency as he possibly could.

  2. Paul says:

    Those St. Pauli kits I mentioned earlier (specifically, away with the rainbow) have been released: h++p:// (replace +’s with t’s)

    Especially the keeper and third kits show some of that craziness you’re so fond of (perhaps almost too much of it in the 90’s keeper kit’s case)

  3. Cosa says:

    Partial quote from the Getty sourced image:

    “Simon Brodkin prepares to attack Sepp Blatter with money”

    Has a more ridiculous sentence been written?

  4. Jarren says:

    Ah, right. I thought I knew this Lee Nelson bloke.

    Isn’t he the tit who pretended to be a chav a few years ago, but was a really shit soft one?

    Like a TV-safe, watered down Devvo?

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