Ronald And Erwin Koeman Impersonate 1980s Female Pop Duo ‘Hepie & Hepie’ On Dutch TV Show (Video)

Chris Wright

2nd, September 2015


Looks like one of the Koeman brothers was slightly more into this than the other…

Have you ever wanted to see Southampton’s current management team and former Holland international teammates Ronald and Erwin Koeman impersonate a female Euro-pop duo live on Dutch television? Well, consider this your lucky day.

Here’s Ronald and Erwin, performing a light-hearted version of Hepie & Hepie’s “I Lie Still On My Pillow To Dream” while dressed up to the nines on the Sterren Playback Show in the early 1980s…

Here’s a photo of Hepie & Hepie, for reference’s sake…


Weirdly, we think the Koeman’s may have worn it better.

(Many thanks to Pies fan Dylan Hoekzema, @dylanhzm, for the tip-off!)