Costa Rican Match Halted While Referee Turfs Loud-Mouth Commentator Out Of The Stadium (Video)

Chris Wright

15th, November 2015



There were weird scenes over in the Costa Rican second tier recently when a match had to be temporarily stopped while the referee had the gobshite pitchside commentator turfed out of the stadium.

The rain-drenched game between Coto Brus and Barrio Mexico was interrupted when the linesman overheard STV commentator Henry de Jesus Diaz call the referee “terrible”.

The officious lino immediately reported the (incredibly tame) abuse to the ref, who in turn instructed Diaz to vacate the premises.

After a brief argument, Diaz eventually backed down and marched out of the ground when the referee threatened to have the game called off entirely…

Barmy. Bloody barmy.

(Via 101GG)

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  1. Jeremia says:

    Good call actually, there’s no way for the referee to have any control over the game if he’s criticised over an official loud speaker.

  2. Jarren says:

    Maybe the commentator was kicked out for using reverb?

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