Celtic Striker Colin Kazim-Richards Rescues Celebrating Fan From Steward In Kilmarnock (Video)

Alan Duffy

20th, March 2016


Colin Kazim-Richards has yet to set Scotland alight since moving to Celtic in January. However, during the Hoops’ hard-fought 1-0 win away to Kilmarnock on Saturday, the striker endeared himself to the travelling support by rescuing a fan from an officious steward.


The incident happened after Celtic scored the only goal of the game, courtesy of sub Tom Rogic, a strike which sent the Bhoys’ fans wild, with some of them spilling onto the pitch to celebrate with the players. Not surprisingly, the Kilmarnock stewards were quick to intervene.

However, seeing one fans getting frogmarched off the pitch, Kazim-Richards stepped in to save the celebrating supporter. The incident occurs at about 18 seconds…

While the stewards were obviously only doing their jobs, it’s nice to see a player concerned with the welfare of his fans. Now all Kazim-Richards need to do is start knocking in the goals and he’ll be loved forever in Glasgow.

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  1. Joe says:

    This has to be the games dumbest reason for a yellow card! The hoals orer is not the only one celebrating with fans! Also, why on earth take the stance that this is inciting crowd trouble when somene scores a very important goal with almost the last kick of the game? Isn’t the game meant to be about excitement for the fans, the fans who really matter in this game? Ten players celebrate. The goalscorer gets a yellow, and if he is unlucky enough to already have one, he gets a red to go with that second yellow! Why? Because he had the audacity to s ore a winning goal with seconds to go! A winning goal which is probably going to be the goal that won the league! But hey, so what? Let’s card him anyway!

  2. Anders says:

    Kazim is a good player

  3. Mr Reginald Wilkinson IV (Birmingham, AL) says:

    Here in the States we don’t get to see much soccer. This Collin fella does sure have some good old fashioned joviality found mostly here in Alabama. That boy Collin could even be an Alabaman! What a hoot! Celtic FC are my new team. I follow Manchester, Real Madrid, Barcelona and USMNT!! Soccer is becoming even bigger here but, oh boy I tell ya, heck we gotta long long way to go!


    Mr Reginald Wilkinson IV

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