Macclesfield Town Get Creative With ‘Highlights’ Of Dreadfully Dull 0-0 Draw Against Boreham Wood (Video)

Chris Wright

21st, March 2016



It’s not often that match highlights comes with an apologetic caveat

Faced with the task of making Saturday’s goalless draw against Boreham Wood look anything other than mind-numbingly tedious, Macclesfield Town got creative while cobbling together their official highlight package.

Unwilling to pay to procure the rights to the dreadfully dull match footage, Town instead decided to stage a dramatic recreation of the ‘action’ that unfolded at Meadow Park…

With home side Boreham Wood managing the grand total of ZILCH shots on target (for the record, Macclesfield only managed two), something tells us that might well have been more thrilling than the actual thing.

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  1. Jarren says:

    The drama!

    Having said that, I almost feel inclined to sue for hearing damage.

    That is one LOUD video.

  2. Gunther says:

    Speaking as a Boreham Wood fan, my club soaks up cash like a sponge. Not at all surprised they tried what they did. BWFC fans have to pay to watch a flimsy highlights package of their own team – needless to say, nearly everyone’s not bothered with doing that…..

  3. srs says:

    BOREham? really?

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