Time To Go: Leeds Fan Somehow Persuades Harry Kane, Jack Wilshere, Dele Alli & Mesut Ozil To Join Anti-Cellino Campaign (Video)

Chris Wright

21st, April 2016



We’re not entirely sure what to make of this but somehow a prominent Leeds fan has managed to coerce a whole gaggle of Premier League stars into publicly voicing their support for the anti-Massimo Cellino campaign.

Cellino is the largely loathed incumbent Leeds chairman responsible for plunging the club into further disrepute than usual, thanks to his zany hiring-and-firing process, his wacky repartee with supporters and even a lavish sprinkling of rib-tickling sexual discrimination accusations thrown in for luck.

Anyway, anonymous Leeds supporter (and staunch anti-Cellino-ist) @WhiteLeedsSite bunged this video up on Twitter last night, showing Harry Kane, Jack Wilshere, Dele Alli and Mesut Ozil all repeating the “Time to go, Massimo” slogan and giving a big wave…

We can only assume the players involved were simply asked to say the line on camera without being informed what it meant.

The net result is a little bit abstract and forced – especially Ozil, who appears to be being held hostage in the back room of a public library.