Cheap Shot: New York Red Bulls’ Karl Ouimette Stretchered Off After Being Brutally Studded In The Spine (Video)

Having been red-carded just moments before, New York Red Bulls II defender Karl Ouimette was forced to leave the pitch on a stretcher after being kicked in the back by an irate opponent.

As Ouimette turned to leave the field, he was floored by a vicious sneak attack from Pittsburgh Riverhounds striker Romeo Parkes, who planted hi studs into the Red Bulls man’s spine in brutal fashion.

Indeed, the alternative angle reveals just how barbaric (and cowardly) Parkes’ attack was…


After lying motionless on the pitch for several minutes, Ouimette was then wheeled from the pitch on a stretcher and eventually taken straight to hospital where he was thankfully found to have suffered nothing more than severe bruising.

Parkes did his best to apologise for his horrendous sucker punch/kick on Twitter…

Unsurprisingly, the USL (the third tier of US soccer) reviewed the footage and banned Parkes that very same night, pending a full investigation into the incident.

Frankly speaking, a lifetime ban seems too lenient. He could have broken the poor sod’s back.