Splish Splash: Things Got A Bit Damp During The Texas Derby Between FC Dallas And Houston Dynamo (Photo & Videos)

Chris Wright

3rd, June 2016



Photo: Ashley Landis/Dallas Morning News (via Telegraph)

Last night’s big Texas derby between FC Dallas and Houston Dynamo lasted a mere matter of minutes before the referee decided to suspend the tie.

This was due to the fact that, despite the pitch obviously being fine during the pre-match inspection, unrelenting sheets of monsoon rain descended upon the Toyota Stadium in Frisco within the first four minutes of the game – rendering the playing surface somewhat damper than is strictly standard.

Indeed, playing in it looked about as much fun as you’d imagine…

Amazingly enough, the match did eventually dry up enough to go the full 90 minutes, with the two sodden sides thrashing (or splashing) out a 1-1 draw amid the swamp.