Huffy Bugger: Cristiano Ronaldo Snatches Reporter’s Microphone And Chucks It Into A Lake (Video)

Chris Wright

22nd, June 2016



You may have noticed that things haven’t exactly gone to plan for Cristiano Ronaldo at Euro 2016 so far, with the Portugal forward becoming increasingly frustrated at his usual “shoot on sight” policy failing to bear fruit.

Proving beyond all doubt that he’s in a bit of a huff at the moment, on a stroll outside the team hotel in Lyon, Ronaldo reacted to a simple question from a television reporter (the Guardian reckon he was asked whether he felt prepared for Portugal’s final group game against Hungary) by snatching his microphone off him and hoying it in a nearby lake…


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  1. Ron says:

    Good god, he couldn’t be a bigger whiny pussy.

  2. bard says:

    To give some context, that reporter is from the worst rag in Portugal who are renowned for making up ridiculous stories about him and his family and he flatly refuses to talk to them.

    A bit of an overreaction for sure, but it’s not totally unwarranted

    • Nuno says:

      Agreed, it’s like the Portuguese version of “The Sun”.
      2nd context: They were out for a walk and the press was told there would be no interviews. They could film the players, but from afar with no questions, but that “sort of journalist” still felt like he could.
      Not a good example, but I would’ve done similar in his place…

  3. Hugo Teixeira says:

    Just to add some context, the journalist’s from a newspapper and channel which Ronaldo has sued for invasion of privacy and of making up fake news about him, and he won both lawsuits

  4. gamblino says:

    Fair play i say!

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