Putting The Boot In: Wales Players Celebrate England’s Flaccid Euro 2016 Defeat v Iceland (Video)

Alan Duffy

28th, June 2016


While England’s sorry band of underachieving stars were hanging their heads in shame at the final whistle of their horrendous 2-1 defeat to Iceland, the Welsh squad had a rather different response to the momentous result.

Already through to the last eight themselves, the Wales’ players took time out from their preparations for their clash with Belgium by watching England’s Last 16 meeting with Iceland.  And when the final whistle brought to an end to the Three Lions’ abysmal Euro flop, Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey and co. celebrated their neighbours’ misfortune. The cheeky scamps!

Unsurprisingly, the video did cause a bit of a stir. However, full-back Chris Gunter defended the wild celebrations, saying:

It certainly wasn’t a video to show any lack of respect. I think it’s fantastic for the tournament that another smaller nation have progressed through; another team that were probably written off before a ball was kicked.

But it certainly wasn’t meant as a lack of respect. There’s a lot of people in the squad who know players from the England side.

It certainly wasn’t meant in that way and I think the main feeling after the final whistle – and probably in a selfish way from the squad – was generally a real pride that we’re the last team from the home nations to be in the tournament.

Just a bit of old fashioned good-natured rivalry, no?

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  1. Jarren says:

    My god, even Wales don’t care about England.

    I thought they were best mates.

    Shit is going seriously down for England.

  2. Jeremia says:

    Have to say, I can’t help feeling sorry for Scotland, they’re missing on such a great party!

  3. TheDutchSpur says:

    Just like that idiot @ WBA, if they hate England so much why do they all come & suckle at the financial teat?! It’s funny how their principles end just before the £ signs start … moral whores the lot of em.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gareth Bale can eat my Shit next time anything like that happens

  5. mumstillcutsmehair says:

    For next 10 years whenever England play in a competitive match they should play this to the lads before they go out onto the field. If that doesn’t fire up an Englishmen I don’t know what would.


    Pack of cunts

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