‘It Wasn’t Even Going In’ – Chilean Goalkeeper Left Aggrieved After Pitch-Invading Dog Takes Credit For Heroic Save (Video)

Chris Wright

19th, September 2016

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A Chilean goalkeeper has taken umbrage after a dog received plaudits from around the world for making a save during the recent third-tier game between Trasandino and Deportes Melipilla.

The footage has proved to be a bit of a viral hit, but Trasandino ‘keeper Fabian Cerda wasn’t happy to see the canine interloper taking all the credit, especially as the shot wasn’t even on target anyway.

Grumbling away, Cerda told the local press:

It was going wide so I left it on purpose. I was sure of that.

Now people say the dog saved the goal, the dog this, the dog that.

(At first) it bothered me to watch the video, but now I’ve calmed down.

Yep. Certainly sounds like it mate.