Thai Company Build World’s First Non-Rectangular Football Pitches In Bangkok (Photos & Video)

Chris Wright

30th, September 2016


Image via Designboom

With space at a premium, urban designers in Thailand have come up with an ingenious way of filling empty lots with little football pitches scattered hither and thither.

However, due to the cluttered, asymmetrical and densely populated nature of the layout in the Khlong Toei neighbourhood of Bangkok, the pitches had to be modified ever so slightly in order to utilise the small pockets of space on offer.

The result, as developed by AP Thailand, is a series of wonderfully quirky, non-rectangular little pitches dotted throughout the sprawling community.

What better way to hone your finishing skills than by having to curl your shots around an apartment block?

(Via Designboom)

Not sure about ‘world’s first’ mind you…


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