Sweden: Gefle IF Celebrate Rare Away Win With ONE Fan Who Made 700-Mile Round Trip (Video)

Chris Wright

28th, October 2016



There were touching scenes after Gefle IF’s win over Kalmar FC in the Allsvenskan in midweek when the players made sure to celebrate their victory with the most important man in the stadium.

Second-bottom of the league going into the game, Gefle held out for an important 1-0 win – after which the entire team made sure to share the moment with the one and only fan to have braved the cold and made the 700-mile round trip to watch his beloved side in action…

Shades of Udinese playing Sampdoria in front of a one-strong travelling contingent in 2012. He was even given free coffee for his troubles.

Here’s hoping Gefle reward their one-man army’s insane dedication in a similar vein.

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  1. Jeremia says:

    Here’s something interesting from the Wikipedia: “None of Gefle’s appearances in European competition have been due to cup wins or their league positions (11th, 10th and 11th in the respective years). Instead they have qualified through the Fair Play initiative each time”

  2. Big Cliff says:

    The man in that photo is a Gefle town legend. I met him on a skiing trip in the Andorran Pyrenees back in 2013. His name is Lucas Karlsson. I was on a work do with the boys from the office in Crawley. Terrence, Rick, Alfonso, Mo and Little Larry. To sum the skiing trip up in one word it would have to be…BOOZY. We drank as soon as we got to the hotel. The hotel bar wasn’t snazzy by any means but you could have a fair few pints and at the altitude anything can happen. End up out in Andorra la Vella and classic Little Larry has a few too many drinks for his small, diminutive frame. He’s all over the shop, swaying left, swaying right. Next thing he’s on the floor, face down in the snow and I’m thinking ‘Hold on, we might need to call a bloody ambulance.’ I ask Terrence, Rick and Alf what we should do and they’re all goners too! Rick is necking some Andorran lassie whilst Alf is trying his best at speaking a bit of Catalan to the locals – I mean the guy’s half Paraguayan and is married to a Spanish lady so he knows a bit. End up getting no reply from those pillocks so I turn to Mo. Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo. The boy is watching a game on the tele. Who with? What game? With Lucas Karlsson. Gefle vs Hacken. This Lucas Karlsson looks over, says a brief hello and then see’s Lazza on the floor. Lucas Karlsson only goes over shows his fancy badge – he’s a doctor. Won prizes and awards for being one of them good one’s in Sweden. Dr. Lucas Karlsson is a legend and will always be. Saved my mate’s life. Saved my work do from turmoil. And more importantly, saved me getting him a pint as his best mate ran the fakkin pub. Quality!

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